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Hey, Hi, Hello!


Welcome to my site! My name is Emily and I’m a NYC-based creative.


Currently, I am a Senior Branded Writer on BuzzFeed's Creative team, coming up with strategic pitches in pre-sale, writing buzzy content in post-sale, and overseeing branded Editorial Article Sponsorship opportunities on

Before BuzzFeed, I was a Copywriter & Community Manager at VaynerMedia, 'gramming, tweeting, living, and breathing all things for Pepsi social channels.


Whether it's viral listicles and quizzes, hit tweets, multi-story IG posts, punchy social copy, efficient community management, monitoring campaign performance, or navigating the wild frontier of AI-generated content, no job is too big or small.


With over 7 years in the creative game, I'm an organized, flexible, and detail-oriented industry pro ready to take on any challenge no matter the format, platform, or vertical. 

In my personal time, I write Star Wars fan-fiction, stream Bravo podcasts 24/7, obsess over the latest K-Pop releases, and save ambitious Pinterest recipes I never end up making. (1).gif


BuzzFeed Inc., New York, NY – Internet News Media Company

Senior Writer, Branded Content, May 2021-Present

  • Serve as project lead and writer on BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Complex branded campaigns.

  • Strategized with teams to craft data-driven pitches in pre-sale and execute programs in post-sale.

  • Oversee BuzzFeed Editorial Sponsorship campaigns in collaboration with editorial, sales, design, and distribution teams.

  • Evaluate performance data to improve BuzzFeed branded offerings.

  • Utilize AI tools in branded content creation.

VaynerMedia, New York, NY ­– Digital Ad Agency

Copywriter/Social Media Manager, March 2019 –  April 2021

  • Created always-on social content for PepsiCo brands.

  • Coordinated evergreen and campaign content for PepsiCo social calendars.

  • Tracked social trends to execute daily, real-time opps for Pepsi social channels.

  • Utilized analytics tools to curate content and track the success of organic content.

  • Worked across PepsiCo teams to write and pitch full-length campaigns.

BuzzFeed Inc., New York, NY – Internet News Media Company

Branded Writer, August 2016 – January 2019

  • Served as lead writer over the course of co-branded campaigns.

  • Produced ad products such as Instagram stories utilizing creator talent, turnkey display units, and custom social assets.

  • Incorporated data/analytics into pre and post sale processes to optimize content for target audiences.

  • Collaborated across teams to develop product mix recommendations based on RFP objectives.



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